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Although this blog will focus on living artists, I would be remiss if I did not do a small tribute to Thomas Wood. He is a legend in the Pacific Northwest who passed on earlier this year.

My husband and I have acquired etchings by him over the years, but I’ve always wanted a painting by him. Recently, I noticed one of his paintings on the floor leaning up against a wall at gallery i.e. in Edison, Washington. The painting immediately caught my attention. I recognized the piece because I had seen it online many times and never gave it a second thought. When the gallerist held it up in the light, the painting transformed from a painting into a wonderful work of art. I was now giving the piece several second thoughts…

When a piece of art I am familiar with, yet not at all interested in, reflects light onto my retinas and my brain hiccups; I know I’m in love. Only a few pieces have done this to me, Thomas Wood’s Landscape with Flounder is one of them.

I called the gallery the next day and told them I would like to purchase the piece. The following weekend a friend, who is a collector as well, and I drove to Edison so we could spend time together, look at art, and pick up the piece. Before I purchased it, I had showed him the online image of the painting and he told me it did nothing for him. On the way home I asked him what his favorite piece of the day was and he responded with, “In all honesty, it was the one you got.” Apparently the piece had the same impact on him. I’ll post the image below and hope my personal experience with it piqued your curiosity.

Thomas Wood has an uncanny ability to transport the viewer to a different place, time, or universe. His subject matter, titles, and mastery of the arts, trigger the imaginations of those who have either bright or dark interiors, and tickles the souls of those who have both.

Thomas Wood
Three Mice and a Disapproving Moon, 1986
Etching with aquatint
6.5″ x 13.5″

There is no way I could do a tribute to Thomas Wood which would do him justice. However, I did find this piece by Amy Kepferle informative and heartwarming:

A Lifetime of Collaboration – Remembering Bellingham artist Thomas Wood.

Here’s Landscape with Flounder by Thomas Wood:

Landscape with Flounder
Thomas Wood
Oil on canvas
24 x 27

Gallery i.e. is a gem of a gallery in the wonderful town of Edison, Washington. I would recommend the town to anyone in the Pacific Northwest who is looking for an easy day trip. A couple of the small businesses in the town only take cash so you will want to have some on hand.

Gallery i.e.:

Thomas Wood at gallery i.e.:

I would like to thank the estate of Thomas Wood for allowing me to use the images in this post.

Thomas Wood
The Pollinators, 2007
Two-color engraving, etching, aquatint
Edition of 125
16.5 x 13.5 in

2 thoughts on “Thomas Wood

  1. HI,
    I recently found out about Thomas Wood, as I bought ‘Three Mice and A Disapproving Moon’ at a thrift store. I remember falling in love with it the second I laid eyes on it. I am an artist and collector of art, this is one of my best finds at a thrift store. I was sorry I heard of his crossing over. I look at this print every day and just love it.
    Best Regards Richard

    1. WOW! What a find. I have that etching as well. I fell in love with it the second I saw it too. I did not find it at a thrift store and needed to give it some heavy thought due to the price in the gallery. When I purchased the one we have, it was the last one available and was a resale. You were very lucky.

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