What the #%@! is Lost in Composition?

My name is Paul Drinkwine and I’ve had a few questions about my art blog, Lost in Composition. Those questions made it apparent I needed to clarify the difference between the website and the YouTube channel. In the video below, I try to explain the difference and why the two are so intertwined. In a nutshell, I didn’t think a blog would be enough to get to know artists. A YouTube channel alone would not allow me to showcase any images of art in a meaningful manner. I settled on a blog and YouTube channel then embedding the videos in the blog. This would allow me to showcase a little work by the artists featured, and provide links to items we discussed in the interviews.

I also try to make it clear in the video below as to why someone would want to sign up for notifications of new blog posts on the website as well as notifications for new videos on the YouTube channel. There is a difference, and if you want to keep up to date you might want to make sure you are getting notifications for both. The video below gives examples of what might be missed by only signing up for notifications for one and not the other. There’s also a second video below which explains what happens when subscribing to YouTube channels.

If you have any questions, recommendations of artists, or suggestions, please feel free to email me or leave a comment. 

One of the paintings behind me in the video is Honky Tonk. Honky Tonk Central is a famous bar in Nashville, Tennessee. This painting is part of the neon sign on the front of the bar:

Kellie Talbot
Honky Tonk, 2018
Oil on canvas
30″ x 30″
Kellie Talbot
Baker, 2021
Oil on canvas
24″ x 30″
Kellie Talbot
Color, 2019
Oil on canvas
72″ x 48″

Here’s a video on subscribing to a YouTube channel and what happens when you do:

Kellie Talbot’s work is in increasingly high demand. If you would like to purchase a piece by her, please reach out to one of the galleries who represent her below. I would like to thank Kellie for allowing me the use of her images.

Kellie’s website: https://www.kellietalbot.com

Patricia Rovzar Gallery: https://rovzargallery.com

Cole Pratt Gallery: https://www.coleprattgallery.com

The blue people of Kentucky which were mentioned in the video: https://dnascience.plos.org/2016/09/22/finding-the-famous-painting-of-the-blue-people-of-kentucky

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