What do I do with that blank wall? How to hang art.

Bare walls create a sizeable monotonous feeling. Most people like to crush that feeling by hanging something on the wall. However, crowded walls can become an eyesore for family photo enthusiasts and art collectors if not done correctly. The walls get busy, and people are turned away from the wall rather than brought in. Or,Continue reading “What do I do with that blank wall? How to hang art.”

February 19, 1942 – Japanese Americans incarcerated.

Bill and I had family staying with us for the last week. One thing we love to do is to take the ferry from downtown Seattle to Bainbridge Island. We can walk to the light rail station from our home and then walk to the ferry. Next is a wonderful ferry ride to Winslow whereContinue reading “February 19, 1942 – Japanese Americans incarcerated.”